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CMS/ECM systems start out with fairly good performance with zero content. However when content grows, system performance deteriorates, especially CMS/ECM systems that reach over several million documents worth of content, with several thousands of users. In relational database based CMS/ECM systems - rapid object growth in the form of users and documents = gradual performance degradation.  


Syshe Content Solutions has several years indepth experience analyzing and tuning ECM systems, with some examples containing over a quarter of a million documents and 15000+ users. 


Syshe Content Solutions has a unique performance tuning methodology using a combination of industry standard analysis tools and troubleshooting guidelines for the multiple tiers of the standard client-server relational database model of ECM and CMS systems of ECM and CMS systems.


Typically the methodology provides performance analysis and tuning techniques for the following tiers:


  • Application Server

  • Content Server

  • Search Server  

  • Applications

  • Hardware

  • OS hosts (windows/unix) 

  • Virtual Machines and Servers  

  • Database

  • Queries 

  • Storage 

  • Network 



Syshe Content Solutions has expertise in being able to quickly isolate performance bottlenecks and provide solutions to improve them. 

In one case Syshets improved performance for a major transportation client by 1200% where an action which took 30 minutes to complete due to the amount of documents in the system, was reduced to 5 minutes.


Syshe Content Solutions can significantly improve a companies ROI from the investment of their CMS/ECM system, just by using these methods to significantly improve performance and content ingestion and accessibility, as opposed to buying new software and hardware.     



Shelley demonstrated outstanding customer focus and delivery in her work at a client of Armedia, in regards to performance analysis and tuning their production Documentum systems. Armedia's customer had encountered significant performance problems and did not know how to solve them. Earlier efforts by the customer's internal support team only yielded marginal improvements in performance. Shelley figured out the performance issues and how to solve them in a short time. In several cases she improved Documentum performance by double digits. She worked with the customer's DBA staff to adopt best practices. She developed a performance tuning methodology and presented it to the customer and to Armedia. It is being adopted and will become an ongoing program. She has made very significant and long lasting contributions both to Armedia's customer and to our company.

Bill Hunton, Armedia, Atlanta. 

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